Flagle Game: Guess the Flag

Flagle is a game that will test your knowledge of geography. The rules are very simple: you have to guess the flag of a random country and you have 6 guesses to do it. Each time you fail, you can unlock another part of the hidden flag. What's more, every time you will receive geographical hints about the location of the target country. Can you guess the flag of a random country in 6 tries?

How to play Flagle?

  1. Enter your first guess

    Click on the field under the hidden flag and select any country from the list. Next, use hints about the direction and distance from the selected country to the target country to make a second guess. Enter your first guess
  2. Enter subsequent guesses

    Enter your next guesses and look at geographic clues. The number of kilometers will show you how far the target country is. The arrow will indicate the direction in which to look for the country whose flag is hidden. Enter subsequent guesses
  3. Try to guess the country

    In total, you have six tries to guess the correct country. A new part of the flag will be opened after each failed attempt until the entire flag is shown. Try to guess the country
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